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We can Create and install Full boiler house accessories (Self standing chimney, Deariated feed water tanks, Stainless steel deariators, Supporting structure, condensate tanks, condensate tanks, steam headers, blow down tanks, sample coolers, etc…). we use epoxy for finishing metals , handy polished & sand blast for stainless steel, or any other requirement by customer. In some projects our customer order a third partner for testing like (Laids & azmy) or any other partner, we are ready for any type of testing. For professionalism we support our work with drawings and are fully prepared to be reviewed from any consulting firm

Mission: Fabricate C.S & S.S in a professional manner and give an engineering solution to our customers. Supply the market with a professional team of qualified engineers and certified welders.

Vision:We have the opportunity to reach our fullest potential and contribute to all aspects of steel fabrications, providing sophisticated engineering.